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Ed Allens Boats and Bait chickahominy fishing report

Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait LLC
Chickahominy Lake
Fishing Report

Water level normal and clear. Water temperature in the low 50’s. Fishing pressure light. Fishing excellent for bass, pickerel, bow fin, catfish and crappie. Bass are being caught in a variety of ways including jerkbaits, jigs, and crankbaits in water depths as shallow as 4ft and as deep of 8ft of water. Big fish of the week was a 7.9 lb by William Allen. Pickerel are being caught on spinner baits and minnows with several in the 3lb range reported. Rental boat fishermen have reported good catches of bass, bowfin, pickerel, and catfish on XL minnows. Crappie are being found in 8-10ft of water on small minnows. James Mason caught 75, keeping a 25 limit that averaged over 1 lb each.

*432 bass over 5 lb reported this year
*Dec 10 next tournament 8am-4pm

Tournament update:
Tuma/Roberts team captured the 6th winter series tournament ton Dec 3 with a bag of 18.8 lb bag 3 Anglers have already qualified for the winter classic on Feb 4 14 different anglers have won money so far in the winter series

Notable Catches

Sam Yates and Marvin Mayor 19.5 lb bag 5.5 and 5.0 lb big fish Hector Martinez and Sam Yates 16.5 lb bag
Paul Shattuck 6 bass and 14 pickerel, 5.0 lb bass
William Allen 7.9 lb bass
Vic Riveras 6 bass
Mark Acton 7 bowfin tp 10 lbs, 3 lb pickerel
Mark Jaworski 12 lb bag, 5.5 lb big fish
Bronson Tuma and Ben Roberts 18.8 lb bag, 6.3 lb big fish amd 5.5 lb big fish Paul Bruck and Todd Ramir 12 lb bag and 5 lb big fish