Weekday Summer Shootout Series 3

Ed Allen’s Weekday Summer Shootout Series 3

Blast off every Tuesday at 5:30PM out of Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait. Show up, sign up, go for the cash prize! (skip to scoreboards)

Ed Allen’s “Weekday Summer Shootout Series” bass tournament basics

  • 1 time $5 initiation fee per person
  • $25 entry fee per team
  • 1 or 2 person team
  • 1 team per boat
  • 100% Payback!
  • 1st and 2nd place payout
  • Big Fish (optional) $5 per team

A one-time initiation fee is collected for all tournaments. Monies collected go to purchase awards like trophies and plaques. Persons wishing to qualify for Ed Allen’s Summer Showdown and Fall Brawl must fish in 4 tournaments.

Weekday Summer Shootout Series 3 Scoreboards

August 7, 2012 Winners Weight
1st Chris Roberts 12.07
2nd Ed Allen, James Weaver 8.18
Big Fish Chris Roberts 3.15
July 17, 2012 Winners Weight
1st Paul Shattuck, Oscar Allen 11.73
2nd Jeff Harberts, Chris Roberts 9.87
Big Fish Paul Shattuck, Oscar Allen 5.07
July 10, 2012 Winners Weight
1st Jeff Harberts, Chris Roberts 13.53
2nd Charles Wood, Mark Wood 11.56
Big Fish Garrett George 3.90

This page will be updated with future Weekday Summer Shootout Series 3 bass tournament results, so bookmark it!