Fishing Tournaments

Ed Allen’s Bass Tournaments on Chickahominy Lake, 2020

A one-time entry fee is collected for all tournaments. 10% of each tournament will go toward building the pot. You must fish in at least 16 tournaments, of which 5 must be in weekend tournaments to qualify for the Classic Tournament.

Weekend Bass Tournaments

  • $60 Entry Fee – includes Big Fish
  • $8.00 Ramp/Launch Fee
  • 1 or 2 Person Teams, 5 fish limit, 12″ min
  • 1 Team Per Boat

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Come out, register, have some fun, and try to win the big cash kitty!

Weekday Bass Tournaments

  • $40.00 Entry Fee per Team – Includes Big Fish
  • $8.00 Launch Fee
  • 1 or 2 Person Team
  • 5 fish limit (12″ minimum)
  • 1 Team per Boat

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Club Tournaments are Welcome!

To discuss organizing your company’s fishing tournament on Chickahominy Lake at Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait, give us a call at 804-966-5368.

View photos of fish caught out of Ed Allen’s Boats & Bait