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fishing report

Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait LLc
Chickahominy Lake
Fishing Report
Water level normal and clear. Water temperature fluctuates between 46-52. Fishing excellent for bass pickerel, catfish and bowfin. Best results on live minnows, jerk baits and jigs.

Notable catches

Jim Massie 12 channel cats, 3 citations over 10 lbs
Bobby Harlow 12 bass 6.5 Big Fish and 18 lb bag
Vic Riveras 4 bass and 4 pickerel
Danny Gratton and Scott Smith 12 bass and 15 lb bag
David Stone 7.2 lb bass
William Allen and Mike Martinez 19.3 lb bag, 1st place in the December 10 tournament 5.5 lb big fish
Branson Tuma and Chris Roberts 18.5 lb bag and 1st place in the December 3 tournament 6.5 lb big fish William Allen 5 lb bass pier
Marc REynolds 5.5 lb bass pier
Bobby Harlow and Arik Johnson 15 lb bag
Marc Acton 16 fish on xl minnows, 5 bass(17 lbs), 10 lb cat fish, 6 bowfin

* next open tournament on Saturday January 7, 2016 from 8-4

* 430 bass over 5 lb checked in during 2016