Ed Allen’s Bass Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  1. Eligibility- the tournaments are open events. Participants must have a valid fishing license, permits. PFD’ s must be worn during blast-off and safety cut-off switches are preferred. Live well to be viewed by tournament officials prior to launching. A ribbon will be placed on trolling motor for participant identification.
  2. All boats entering the tournament must launch at Lakeside. Boats will fight individually at posted start time in order of draw.
  3. Before the start of a tournament, each entry will confirm their participating by picking up their boat number slip from tournament official.
  5. Only one rod per participant may be used at any time.
  6. Trolling is prohibited as a method of catching fish for a tournament.
  7. All bass must be caught live, on rod and reel, and in a conventional manner (No intentional snagging of bedding fish is allowed.)
  8. All fishing must be done from entry boat.
  9. Bass presented at weigh-in must be caught during tournament hours, maximum of 5 fish per team.
    1. Each fish must be 12 inches or longer
    2. Total weight per team or entry will determine place, while the net of one fish determines big fish
    3. Each team is expected to take care of their fish-living fish may return to lake
    4. To be weighed, fish must be contained in plastic bag or appropriate weigh-in bag
    5. Each dead fish presented at weigh-in will result in an 8 ounce per dead fish deduction from the total weight
  10. Late check in for weigh-in will result in disqualification. Boats must be within the off limits are no later than posted tournament end time to qualify for weigh-in. No culling within the Off Limits Area!
  11. Sportsmanship, courtesy, and safety are expected from each participant. Consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited during tournament hours until the weigh-in official close.
  12. Any team wishing to protest the conduct or score of a fellow team must do so in writing and file the same with the tournament official within 15 minutes of weigh-in. The tournament official may however, on their own motion, take up and decide questions relating to participants conduct and score. The Tournament Official’s decision is final!