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Chickahominy Lake Fishing Report – April 15, 2015

Capt. Art Conway of Conway’s River Rat Guide Service (804-746-2475) out of Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait reported that Chickahominy Lake mid-day water temperatures were in the mid 60’s in the main lake and the mid to high 60’s in the major creeks on Wednesday (4/15/2015). The lake level was a few inches above the top of the dam. The water was moderately brown and slightly cloudy in the lower lake.

Blue cats were scattered throughout the lake and creeks and were hitting live minnows and cut bait. Crappie were in several different patterns and were biting moderately aggressively. A fair number of crappie were in schools in the main lake on flats, frequently near creek mouths, usually at depths of 8 to 12 feet. Some crappie were on shallow to mid-depth wood cover in the main lake and in major creeks. A moderate number of crappie were in the major creeks scattered along the channels. A moderate number of crappie were aggregated near spawning areas, usually in creeks. Active crappie were hitting live minnows, Wright Bait Co. curlytail jigs, small tubes, small swim baits, and small suspending jerk baits. Some nice yellow perch were in loose aggregates in some creeks and hitting live minnows and small jigs. Some bass and pickerel were on lily pad flats in the creeks and in shallow bays in the main lake and were hitting live minnows, spinnerbaits, swim baits, and jigs.

Fishing with Capt. Conway, Ross Alfonso, Ryan Ladd, and Dylan Felts had 28 crappie and 1 bass. David Ross had 10 crappie, 5 yellow perch, 1 shellcracker, and 1 bass. Capt. Bill Buck and Tom Porter had 1 bluegill, 1 flier, 23 crappie, 2 yellow perch (one a 12 inch citation), 2 bass, and 3 pickerel.