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Ed Allens Boats and Bait LLC fishing report – May 25, 2016

Fishing continues to be excellent in spite of the non-stop rains during May. Lake level slightly up and fairly clear. Water temperature in the mid 60’s and rising. Bass continue to be hitting well with best results coming on frogs and senkos. 44 bass over 5lbs have already been recorded in May despite the terrible weather conditions. Pickerel, catfish, and bow fin are also doing well on XL minnows and spinner type lures. Bluegill and shell cracker action is also good with many people reporting limits of the popular pan fish.

Notable Catches

Wendy Thornson 5 lb bass
GB Carey 5.25 lb bass
Gene Mickles 5.1 lb bass
Ben Parsley 5.5 lb bass
Grady Allen 4.5 lb bass
Scott Hensley 6 lb bass
Gavin West 5lb bass
Duane Hodge 7 lb bass

Tournament Results

May 22nd Open Tournament
1st place-Harlow/Isbell 15.3 lbs
2nd place-Wayne Potter 11.5 lbs
Big Fish Harlow 4.8 lbs

May 24th afternoon tournament

1st place Paul Shattuck
2nd place Rocco/Timothy

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Ed Allens Boats and Bait LLC fishing report – May 17, 2016

Lake level normal and clear. Water temperature i the low 70’s. Fishing report this week excellent in spite of daily rains and weekend cold front. Sundays open tournament was great with 15 boats participated with 7 boats weighing in over 10lbs. 1st place went to Paul and Andy Shattuck with a bag of 18.33lbs. 2nd place went to Steven Wagner with a bag of 18.1lbs. 3rd place went to DJ Braley with a bag of 15.5lbs. 7 fish checked in over 5lbs with the big fish weighing 5.9lbs.

Most of bass are in the post spawn mode and are being caught on senkos, spinner baits, and frogs. 12 reported this week over 5lbs to bring the total for May to 27 over 5lbs. Pickerel, bowfin, and catfish still good on XL minnows. Bluegill action excellent on red worms and crickets and should peak in the full moon.

Notable catches

Tim Hayes 7.2 lb bass
Greg Sanner 6.6 lbs bass
Bill Meyers 4 lb bass
Juni Cook 4.5 lb bass
Ron Jordan 4 crappie over 13″
Trent Robertson 10lb catfish
Todd Raymer 5.1 lb bass
Steve Wagner 5.6 lb bass
Kevin Whitehurst 5.4 lb bass and 10 stripers
DJ Braley 5lb bass
Walt Shattuck 5 lb bass
LIMIT BLUEGILL: Steve Wagner and Joe Mason

Next open tournament Sunday May 22nd 2pm to 8:30pm