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Ed Allens Boats and Bait Fishing Report

Lake level slightly low and clear. Water temp in the mid 80s. Fishing pressure light. Fishing has moved into the summer patterns. Fish have moved into deeper waters away from the thick grass. Fisherman have been having succses with jigs and cranke baits in deeper water and frogs and senkos in the shalow. there has been good bites in the early morning and late afternoon. 14 bass over 5lb which brings the monthly total to 45lb anto 280lbs. Bowfin and catfish hitting on Xl minnow and crappie hitting small in brush piles. Blue gills hitting really well on crickets in 4ft of water

Notable catches

Mike martinez-5.4 5.2 bass
Riley terret-)12 bass 2bowfin
Matt Aceree-)
Terrence Ball-5lb bass
Mike Martinez-18lb bag 6lb big fish
Bubba Isebell-15lb bag 5lb big fish
Hector Martinez- 6lb bass
John Moon Jiam- 5.5lb bass
John Mansinni- 14lb bag
Nick Bailes- 5lb bass
Garret Gouge-5lb bass