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Ed Allens boats and bait llc fishing report

Chickahomny lake
fishing report
Ed Allens

Water level is normal and fairly clear. Water temp in mid and upper 70s. Bass over 5lb with a total of 54. Bass are still hitting in the early morning and late afternoon. Senkos and frogs are the best for bass. pickeral and bowfins are hitting well on minnows. Catfish at 15 pounds are hitting on xl minnows, shad, and eels. crappie found well on bush pills at 8-12 ft of water and are hitting on small and mid gills are hitting in crickets and red wigglers. Some fish are still on the beds but some have been found moving into deeper water

Ed Allen

Chickahomny lake
fishing report
Ed Allens
Notable catches

Harrism Baker)
Garret Guage) 10.5 bag
Bobby harlow)
Bubba Isbell) 14.2 bag 5.1 BF
Bill Thomas 6lb off pier
Joe Ramsey linit blue gill
jesse hughes 13lb bag
brock ward)
steve carter) 7 bass, 4 bowfin, and a 10lb bowfin
Bill Darden 15lb bag
Steve carter limit blue gill
Brock Ward 16lb bag 6lb BF
ken hughes)
bill huges) 22 bess 17lb bag 5lb bass
mo mitchell)
doug wilkins) 25 crappie
matt acrea 6lb bass
don holtz 7bass 2 bowfin
ryan cratten 18 bass 16lb bag 5.5 BF
James pernel 25 shell crackers
jim roaodes 18lb bad 6.5 BF