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Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait Fishing Report

lake level is normal and clear. Water tremp is mid to upper 70s. Fishing is excellent with a few bass, pirch, catfish, bow fin, and bluegill. Bass over 5lb repeated which brings this month total to 52lbs. large bow fins and bluegills are hitting very well on minnows and spinner baits. catfish over 12lbs are hitting one eels, minnows, and shad. Bluegills hitting on night crawlers and top water fly rod baits.

Open bass tournaments on Sunday 6/26 from 2:00 pm to 8:45 pm

notable catches
Brock ward 5 bas 15 pound bass
john barry)
bill mayes) 50 bluegill
bobby harlow 20lb bass 16 pound bag
jimmy miller 10 bass 14 pound bag
bill bowers 10 bass 12lb bass
brock ward 16 bass 15lb bag
bubba isbell 8 bass 18lb bag
mike short 8 bass 16lb bag
lori lussier 5.5lb bass
tyler roberson 20 catfish 12lb
brock ward 10 bass 10lb
bubba hilard 5 bass
jimmy rick) 18lb bag 5.2 big fish
bill johnson)
brad webb 5.1 bass
brock ward 10 bas 15 lb bag
ben marshall)
bill james) 73 blugills