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Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait Fishing Report – June 8, 2016

Water level normal and fairly clear, water temperature in the upper 70’s. Bass hitting on frogs and senkos with catches of 10 of more fairly common. 13 fish over 5 lbs checked in this week topped by a 7.5 lunker caught by Jim Brazee. Pickerel, catfish, and bowfin hitting well on large and xl minnows. Nice strings of crappie being taken on small minnows and jigs over brush piles in 8-12 ft of water. Bluegills biting on cricket and red worms on sandy banks.

Tournament Update

*Afternoon Tournaments-Every Tuesday from 5:30-8:30
*Saturday Tournament-June 11 from 6:00am-2:00pm

Notable Catches

Doug Wilkins 40 crappie, several in the 12″-14″ range
Rick Arthur and John Cannington-7 bass, 6 bowfin and 3 catfish on minnows Calvin Yarlbough 7 bass 2 bowfin
Jay Tate 8 bass
Shane Houston and Cristo Perez 22 catfish
Matt Acree 7 bass and 5lb big fish
Dan James 10 crappie of the pier with the biggest 1.5 lbs
Jim Brazee 8 bass and 5 pickerel, 7.5 lb bass
Mike Short 12 bass to 4.5 lbs
Joey Cook 16 bass to 4 lbs
Kate Harding 5.5 lb bass
Jim Harding 5 lb bass
Ryan Gratton 6.6 lb bass
Danny Gratton 5.4 lb bass
Tyler Caldwell 6 lb bass
Mike Beatty big fish 5.5 lb bass
Paul Shattuck 14 bass big fish 4 lb bass
Ben Fisher 10 bass
John Mansini 4.5 lb bass
Paul Flowers 100 blue gill
Jamie Bates and Billy Bostic 100 blue gill
Jason Hughes 5lb bass

Bass Tournament results for 6/7/16 Afternoon

1st place Harlow/Isbell 16.4 lb
2nd place SHattuck/Shattuck 14.6 lb
Big Fish Rocco 4.8lb
Mike Beatty 12 bass