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Ed Allens boats and bait llc fishing report

Chickahomny lake
fishing report
Ed Allens

Water level is normal and fairly clear. Water temp in mid and upper 70s. Bass over 5lb with a total of 54. Bass are still hitting in the early morning and late afternoon. Senkos and frogs are the best for bass. pickeral and bowfins are hitting well on minnows. Catfish at 15 pounds are hitting on xl minnows, shad, and eels. crappie found well on bush pills at 8-12 ft of water and are hitting on small and mid gills are hitting in crickets and red wigglers. Some fish are still on the beds but some have been found moving into deeper water

Ed Allen

Chickahomny lake
fishing report
Ed Allens
Notable catches

Harrism Baker)
Garret Guage) 10.5 bag
Bobby harlow)
Bubba Isbell) 14.2 bag 5.1 BF
Bill Thomas 6lb off pier
Joe Ramsey linit blue gill
jesse hughes 13lb bag
brock ward)
steve carter) 7 bass, 4 bowfin, and a 10lb bowfin
Bill Darden 15lb bag
Steve carter limit blue gill
Brock Ward 16lb bag 6lb BF
ken hughes)
bill huges) 22 bess 17lb bag 5lb bass
mo mitchell)
doug wilkins) 25 crappie
matt acrea 6lb bass
don holtz 7bass 2 bowfin
ryan cratten 18 bass 16lb bag 5.5 BF
James pernel 25 shell crackers
jim roaodes 18lb bad 6.5 BF

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Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait Fishing Report

lake level is normal and clear. Water tremp is mid to upper 70s. Fishing is excellent with a few bass, pirch, catfish, bow fin, and bluegill. Bass over 5lb repeated which brings this month total to 52lbs. large bow fins and bluegills are hitting very well on minnows and spinner baits. catfish over 12lbs are hitting one eels, minnows, and shad. Bluegills hitting on night crawlers and top water fly rod baits.

Open bass tournaments on Sunday 6/26 from 2:00 pm to 8:45 pm

notable catches
Brock ward 5 bas 15 pound bass
john barry)
bill mayes) 50 bluegill
bobby harlow 20lb bass 16 pound bag
jimmy miller 10 bass 14 pound bag
bill bowers 10 bass 12lb bass
brock ward 16 bass 15lb bag
bubba isbell 8 bass 18lb bag
mike short 8 bass 16lb bag
lori lussier 5.5lb bass
tyler roberson 20 catfish 12lb
brock ward 10 bass 10lb
bubba hilard 5 bass
jimmy rick) 18lb bag 5.2 big fish
bill johnson)
brad webb 5.1 bass
brock ward 10 bas 15 lb bag
ben marshall)
bill james) 73 blugills

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Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait Fishing Report – June 8, 2016

Water level normal and fairly clear, water temperature in the upper 70’s. Bass hitting on frogs and senkos with catches of 10 of more fairly common. 13 fish over 5 lbs checked in this week topped by a 7.5 lunker caught by Jim Brazee. Pickerel, catfish, and bowfin hitting well on large and xl minnows. Nice strings of crappie being taken on small minnows and jigs over brush piles in 8-12 ft of water. Bluegills biting on cricket and red worms on sandy banks.

Tournament Update

*Afternoon Tournaments-Every Tuesday from 5:30-8:30
*Saturday Tournament-June 11 from 6:00am-2:00pm

Notable Catches

Doug Wilkins 40 crappie, several in the 12″-14″ range
Rick Arthur and John Cannington-7 bass, 6 bowfin and 3 catfish on minnows Calvin Yarlbough 7 bass 2 bowfin
Jay Tate 8 bass
Shane Houston and Cristo Perez 22 catfish
Matt Acree 7 bass and 5lb big fish
Dan James 10 crappie of the pier with the biggest 1.5 lbs
Jim Brazee 8 bass and 5 pickerel, 7.5 lb bass
Mike Short 12 bass to 4.5 lbs
Joey Cook 16 bass to 4 lbs
Kate Harding 5.5 lb bass
Jim Harding 5 lb bass
Ryan Gratton 6.6 lb bass
Danny Gratton 5.4 lb bass
Tyler Caldwell 6 lb bass
Mike Beatty big fish 5.5 lb bass
Paul Shattuck 14 bass big fish 4 lb bass
Ben Fisher 10 bass
John Mansini 4.5 lb bass
Paul Flowers 100 blue gill
Jamie Bates and Billy Bostic 100 blue gill
Jason Hughes 5lb bass

Bass Tournament results for 6/7/16 Afternoon

1st place Harlow/Isbell 16.4 lb
2nd place SHattuck/Shattuck 14.6 lb
Big Fish Rocco 4.8lb
Mike Beatty 12 bass

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Chickahominy Lake Fishing Report – June 1, 2016

Capt. Art Conway of Conway’s River Rat Guide Service (804-746-2475) out of Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait reported that Chickahominy Lake mid-day water temperatures were in the high 70’s to low 80’s in the lower main lake and higher in the major creeks on Wednesday (6/1/2016). The lake level was about 4 inches above the top of the dam. The water was medium brown and slightly to moderately cloudy in the central lower lake, with more murky water on downwind shorelines and in some creeks.

Most blue cats and bullheads were on flats and channel edges in the main lake and scattered in creeks and hitting live minnows and cut bait. Some crappie were scattered in major creek channels, some were on cypress knees and along shorelines in the main lake, and most were accumulated on mid-depth wood cover and along drop-offs in the main lake. Active crappie were hitting live minnows, Wright Bait Co. and Southern Pro curlytail jigs, small tubes, Kalin crappie scrubs, and small swim baits. Small to medium yellow perch were scattered or in loose aggregates on some main lake flats and in channels and on flats in major creeks and were hitting live minnows, small swim baits, and small jigs. Small and an occasional medium bluegill and shellcracker were scattered or loosely aggregated along some shorelines in major creeks and in the main lake and were hitting flies, small jigs, Nikko nymphs, small swim baits, and live worms. Some bass, pickerel, and bowfin were along shorelines, on lily pad and hydrilla flats, and along drop-offs in the major creeks and the main lake. When active, bass and pickerel were hitting live minnows, spinnerbaits, swim baits, stick worms, crank baits, jerk baits, and jigs.

Fishing with Capt. Conway, Jack and Rob Dietrich and Chuck Narozniak had 9 crappie. Lynn and Margarita Wolverton and Sue Gill had 11 bluegill, 8 crappie, 1 white perch, 1 striper, 1 blue cat, 1 pickerel, and 1 bass. Karen Anderson and Carolyn Conway had 65 bluegill, 1 shellcracker, 1 flier, 1 crappie, and 1 bass. Roy Lee had 1 bluegill, 6 crappie, 1 yellow perch, 1 pickerel, and 5 bass.